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Alfredo Genovese, Fileteado Porteño
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Resumen para descargar las apariciones en prensa de Alfredo Genovese y el Taller de Fileteado Porteño de la última década.
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Media print press

Clarín journal ,Cover and double page, October 18th, 2014



Diario Z - Double central page, October, 2013

Tattoo life magazine - 4 pages interview , Jun, 2010



Cielos Argentinos magazine - 3 páginas, May 2010


Diario La Prensa - doble pagina central, september 16th, 2007


Revista Veintitres (25/5), La Nación (19/5) y D-Mode (nº 119)
Tree Alfredo Genovese press issue on May, 2006


Novum Magazine - Germany, March 2004.
Six pages interview about Alfredo Genovese artwork.

Revista Summa+ , Dicember, 2003.
Double page about Tratado de fileteado porteño


Gente Magazine, February 3th, 2004.
The book Tratado de fileteado porteño and the Spain kings.

Revista Tango Review, UK, March, 2003.
Tango art by Alfredo Genovese.


O Globo, Brasil, May 5th, 2003
Cora Ronai press release.

Noticias magazine, November , 2002.
Genovese at Buenos Aires Tattoo convention.


Revista Viva (Clarin Journal) Sunday May 28th, 2000.
Alfredo Genovese fileteado course at Rojas Cultural Center.

Clarín Journal, Sunday, November 25th, 2000.
Muchmusic advertisement


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