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Alfredo Genovese, Fileteado Porteño
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Special artworks


Fileteado Tupperware containers (2016)


Red bull fileteado logo on its Buenos Aires headquarters. Synthetic enamel on hardboard (2012)


Spinters vans painted for 60th aniversary of Mercedes Benz Argentina · Alfredo Genovese (2011)


Advertisement campaign for Turner Argentina in Buenos Aires · Alfredo Genovese (2014)

Bull painting: alive bull painted on his skin · Alfredo Genovese (2011)


Coca Cola botltes, second limited hand paint edition. Synthetic enamel on glass· Alfredo Genovese (2009)


Havanna sign and fileteado design for coffee tables and cups. Alfredo Genovese (2008)



Evian · Alfredo Genovese (2009)



AIWA great advertisement in Buenos Aires downtown, 19 x 15 metros · Alfredo Genovese (2001)


Fileteado trainer designs for Nike. Alfredo Genovese (2006)


Chocolate Easter egg for Faena Hotel, 100 cm high and 40 kilos weigth.

Pastry Chef: Nicolás Zunino (2006)

Fileteado floor for winery shop. Alfredo Genovese (2009)


Fileteado floor for Faena hotel. Alfredo Genovese (2005)


Fiat 600 painted cars. Alfredo Genovese (2011)

Hand painted Notebooks


CD covers for Von Daler & Low presure (Denmark), Persiana Jones (Italy), Bambino Koresh (Australia), Mike Doughty (USA), Tango Jam (Spain) and Trio Arazon (Switzerland)


Cake, for Cecilia Arias pastry chef. Alfredo Genovese (2015)



Stand for ACI World Buenos Aires 2007, comisioned by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000.


MuchMusic Argentina bodypaintings. Alfredo Genovese (1999-2000)

Fotos: Urko Suaya (1999), Nora Lezano (2000), Miren Aboitiz (2000), Fabri Fotografía (2000)


Fileteado bodypainting for Kryolan Argentina (2002)

Ana Mele y Alfredo Genovese

Paloma Kippes

Sebastián Gringauz


Fileteados tattoos


Magazine covers

Ñ Culture magazine
Alfredo Genovese (2007)
Club del Vino
Alfredo Genovese (2000)
Alfredo Genovese (2009)



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