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Alfredo Genovese, Fileteado Porteño
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Alfredo Genovese

Alfredo Genovese was born on November 24th, 1964, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1984, he starts in the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Fine Arts School, where he discovers, with amazement, that the fileteado is missing in the school’s curriculum. For two years, he takes classes with León Untroib and changes his job as a sign painter to be a fileteador. In 1988, he finishes school and becomes a Paiting professor, and then starts travelling for a few years. Then, he works various trades.

Alfredo Genovese at his Fileteado Porteño Studio
Alfredo Genovese with master Ricardo Gomez
Painting his horsecart
Painting at Hotel Faena
Nike Argentina

He lives in Italy working in artistic serigraphy and mural paintings. In different European cities, he learns several motifs from the Trompe l’oeil. In 1992, he travels Northern Africa and Middle East.

In 1993, he returns to Buenos Aires, where he picks up his filete work where he left off and some trompe l’oeil work with the artist Cacho Monastirsky. He sets up his own studio, the Taller de Fileteado Porteño, in his old neighborhood, working on assignment. He also becomes acquainted with one of the last masters of wagon fileteado, Ricardo Gómez, with whom he learns the trade.

In 1996, he travels through China, India, Nepal and Tibet, where he observes the different ornament styles.

After experimenting with the traditional canvases for fileteado, Genovese moves his work to the human body, with different materials but the same technique, and in 1999 and 2000 he develops an ad campaign for MuchMusic, painting the fileteado on renowned argentinian musicians and models.

He has also worked in the development of images for brands like Nike, Evian, Havanna, Villa del Sur, Aiwa, Mercedes Benz, Marta Harff, Taraguí, and companies like TyC Sports, and Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, among others. He has also done book covers for Alejandro Dolina’s Crónicas del Angel Gris and El libro del fantasma, magazine covers for Wipe, Clarin’s Ñ, Club del Vino,, and CD covers for artists in Denmark, Spain, Australia, Switzerland and USA. With tattoo artist Claudio Momenti from Lucky Seven Studio in Buenos Aires, he introduces the fileteado in the tattoo world.

From 1998 to 2012 he dictated fileteado workshops in the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, belonging to the University of Buenos Aires, and since 2000, body fileteado workshops in Kryolan Argentina.

He participated in the European Bodypainting Festival (Seeboden – Austria 2002), in the 1st Tattoo and Body Art International Convention (Buenos Aires, 2003), in the 1st Body Art World Meet (Caracas 2005), and in the XIV and XV Tattoo International Convention in Barcelona.

His research in filete iconography and his teaching experience allow him to dictate workshops in Argentina and the world. His published books are: Tratado de fileteado porteño, (Ediciones Deldragon 2003) and in 2007 and 2009, (Grupo Ediciones porteñas) Fileteado porteño, the first bilingual book in 2004, 2007 y 2010, (Grupo Ediciones Porteñas), Filete Porteño, 2006, (Secretaria de Cultura del GCBA) and Manual del Filete Porteño, 2008 and 2011 (Grupo Ediciones Porteñas) and The book of filete porteño, 2011, his first publication  entirely in English.

On june 28th of 2012, the City of Buenos Aires names him an Outstanding Presence in Culture.


Main exhibits by Alfredo Genovese

  • 2012 – Café El sur, Paris, Francia
  • 2011 – Baires Restaurant,  Monaco-Montecarlo and the XIV Tattoo International Convention in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2010 – El Laurel, Barcelona, Spain and Argentina fair in Madrid, Spain
  • 2009 – El Taller de los Artistas (The Artists’ Workshop), during June in Cadiz, Spain
  • 2008 – “Buenos Aires en Zaragoza”, exhibit in the Zaragoza History Center, Spain
  • 2008 – “El amor viene después”, erotic fileteado exhibit, in Te Mataré Ramírez, Buenos Aires
  • 2005 – Exhibit and seminar in the IV Tango Patagonia Festival, Bariloche.
  • 2004 – Exhibit and workshop in the Decorative Art Museum, Rosario
  • 2002 – Exhibit in the Pallazo Veronese, Cesenatico, Italia
  • 2002 – Participation in the European Bodypaint Festival,  Seeboden, Austria
  • 2001 – Exhibit in the Renoir Gallery, Paris, Francia
  • 2000 – Exhibit in the Club del Vino, Buenos Aires
  • 2000 – Exhibit in the Gral. San Martín Cultural Center, Buenos Aires
  • 2000 – Exhibit and conference in the Mimesis Institute and the Maison Argentine, Paris, France
  • 1999 – Exhibit and conference in the Cervantes Institute, Chicago, USA
  • 1999 – Exhibit and Conference in Casa de la Cultura, San Cristobal, Santa Fe, Arg.
  • 1999 – Exhibit in the Colegio de Escribanos, Buenos Aires
  • 1999 – Participation in the "Fileteado Porteño hoy y siempre" exhibit, Buenos Aires
  • 1997 – Participation in an exhibit in the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Buenos Aires
  • 1997 – Exhibit and performance in “Memorabilia”, Buenos Aires.
  • 1994 – Exhibit in the Azienda Autonoma del Turismo, Cernobbio, Italy, and in Caffè Matisse, Como, Italy



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